Hello there! I’m Scott. I’m a full stack web developer based in Boston. I’m using this space to write about some things that (I hope) might be useful to you. Take your time and enjoy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles color scheme - I’m not quietly mining crypto in the background or anything.1

why bother?

  1. On the off chance that some of what I write about is useful to others. So much of my own experience learning to program has been reading other blogs and making increasingly complicated "toy" projects based on other people's writing. If what *I* write about ends up being useful to someone else... 🙏🐝 2
  2. To bring programming down to earth. The level I’m aiming for is cocktail appropriate - you could pull someone moderately technical aside at a wedding and sketch out a few cool things on a napkin instead of a needing a whiteboard / a case of Red Bull / your copy of Kernighan and Ritchie.3
  3. To improve my writing. Written communication is challenging. Choosing succinct, clear, and useful language is difficult. I assume it always will be, and that’s just fine.

why guycombinator?

It’s a lad pun, and I’m a lad and I like puns. And by claiming the domain name, I am motivating myself to relearn a little about fixed point combinators (oof).4

1  Looking at you, unnamed browser game guessing lists of things that tries to melt my computer when I play.

2  "Praise bee"

3  Turns out, I don't own a copy of "The C Programming Language", but I did have to go check to make sure it wasn't in storage with the other sacred Jedi texts.

4  Somewhere out there, NR is quietly smiling to himself as his prescience continues to haunt guide his students. I will (soon?) attempt to explain what the Y combinator is in small words that *I* understand.